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Inmi Sex Shaker Silicone Stimulator Purple Vibrator from XR Brands. Innovative luxury. Flexible accordion neck! Take yourself for a ride with this powerful, Shaking Silicone Stimulator!
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It has three gyrating and thrusting modes that penetrate deeper than other toys, giving you a wider range of sensations from a toy that gives you some extra movement and does not make you do all the work! The wide base has a suction cup so you can place it against any firm, flat surface for a hands free ride. The round, bulb tip of the long shaft is designed to help stimulate the prostate in men or G-Spot in women. Feel overwhelming waves of pleasure and sensation as you explore different positions while the toy gyrates and massages you from inside! Made out of premium Silicone, it is phthalate free and body safe to use with water based lubricants. With a IPX5 waterproof rating, it is splashproof and can handle low pressure shower jets, too! No bathtub play. Recharge using the USB cable provided. Wash with warm water and mild soap after every use and spray with toy cleaner before patting dry and storing in a cool, dark place away from other Silicone toys. Combine your intimate fantasies and solo sessions with a moving, gyrating toy! After lubing up the toy and yourself, start to insert the head of the shaft. If it feels too big or too long at first, let yourself warm up and relax as you stroke, pet or touch yourself. As you get more and more aroused, you will discover that you can fit more inside. At any point you can add the automatic gyration and explore 3 different levels of pleasure! The head moves in circles within you and gets all the sides and corners that a simple back and forth toy does not. Enjoy discovering new sensations as you grind your hips on the toy and get those satisfying spots at just the right angle! Measurements: overall length 10 inches. Insertion length 5.7 inches. Widest insertion diameter 1.6 inches. Materials: Silicone Shaft, ABS Plastic Base. Color Purple. Key features of the Sex Shaker: gyrating and thrusting. Enjoy 3 powerful modes of gyration and thrusting from this powerful motor! Additionally, the end is designed to stimulate the prostate or G-Spot! Premium Silicone: Phthalate free, silky smooth, body safe Silicone. Use only with water based lubricants. Suction Cup base. Keep your ride in place with this suction cup base! Splashproof and Rechargeable: Rated as IPX5 waterproof, it can handle low pressure jets and fluids. Recharge using the USB cable provided. Charge time 2.5 hours. Play, run time 45 minutes.